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We can help you with the following services

End-to-End Project Outsourcing

Your business needs to be enabled and supported by IT solutions.

We take care of all your IT needs from start to finish with complete transparency: project management, analysis, development, testing and go-live

Managed Development

You are managing your own IT projects but need a partner for the software development and testing cycles.
Next to the technical team, you have a local contact person which translates all your business requirements to the software engineers and vice-versa.

Dedicated Software Engineers

You have in-house experience of handling IT projects but lacking software development capacity.
We have the right software engineers for you and you manage them directly. Our technical team consists mainly of civil engineers.


  • INTU

    Web based platform for anybody who wants to understand company financials without spending too much time in front of spreadsheets with numbers. Intu provides easy to read reports based on accounting data. It allows to prepare budgeting and forecasting to look into potential future condition of company.

  • Ecoscada

    Ecoscada - our building energy analytics platform provides understanding and optimization of energy consumption for commercial and public properties. We provide detailed recommendations for large-scale energy efficiency improvements and smart savings. Our energy analytics calculates productivity level related to indoor thermal and air quality comfort.

  • Theseus

    Allows companies not only to be able to visually see & report exact routes their cars make. Each company has custom built integration with their ERP systems so simple tracking starts to cooperate with operations heart of company. Drivers can get rid of papers and be guided between and inside stores along with existing procedures being translated to mobile environment.

  • Proceedix

    A Software as a Service-based central platform to manage enterprise procedures, work instructions and checks in an easy way, while making the remote execution paperless and mobile. On Android and Google Glass. Once job is done you might analyze details of executions to improve your company.



We provide real-time GPS tracking of sales team, control of sales activities in the field and up-to-date insight into supply chain

Warehouse management

Optimization of warehouse storage locations (individual location number, picking sequence) improves productivity. Our system allows tracking assets in real-time with RFID.


The goal of our consulting practice is to bridge the traditional gap between business needs and IT implementations.

Processes management

Run your company's procedures, work instructions and checks anytime and anywhere on mobile devices.

Business intelligence

Analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help users make more informed business decisions.

Data Acquisition & Analysis

Our building energy analytics software platform provides understanding and optimization of energy consumption for commercial and public properties.


  • Porta Capena team has very well succeed in understanding the goal of the application and the specificities of my business, as well as in building the application in an expeditious way and even in leveling up its functionalities beyond my expectations.

    Pieter Demuynck, INTU.pro, Belgium
  • The people of Porta Capena excell in quickly grasping the project's business context and bringing up adequate solutions, showing extraordinary knowledge of the latest technologies as well as time-tested development techniques. Timing and quality have consistently met and exceeded my expectations.

    Peter De Jonghe, Proceedix, Belgium
  • The increasingly scientifically-based models applied in EcoSCADA makes it more and more the market leader in products for energy management.

    Cor Kleinveld, Grontmij N.V., The Netherlands
  • Porta Capena has become much more than a supplier but our partner in our continuous improvement approach.

    Olivier Voisin, Green Adviser, Befimmo SA/NV, Belgium

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