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EcoSCADA = ECOlogy, ECOnomy, Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition, 'SENSOR-to-INTERNET'

EcoSCADA is a web based industrial solution for your innovative energy savings. By working in ASP model (Application Service Provider) Porta Capena is able to provide a very robust solution to a vast range of customers with different budgets and needs. There is no need for your internal IT work, no extra servers or databases. A simple installation of a supported data logger device with proper sensors, and a login and password combined with standard browser is all that you need to be able to use state of the art tools  for saving energy and other natural resources.

EcoSCADA diagram

Apart for identification of energy wastes EcoSCADA enables customers managing multiple buildings to benchmark different locations against each other, i.e. to implement innovative management policies for energy usage optimization.

EcoSCADA can also be visually customized to become your service that is offered to your clients. Just select what services are of value to you and your EcoSCADA will be available to you within minutes...

EcoSCADA Data Services

Based on your needs EcoSCADA can be tailored with a given set of functionalities. It can also be customized visually, to become your service that is offered to your clients.

Any person, who has access to the application, belongs to one of defined types of users. Every user will only have access to those applications and functionalities for which they are authorized. This solution helps to easily identify the scope of data available of each user.

EcoSCADA features
Functionality Regular Users Administrators
Consumption Profiles X X
Monthly Reports X X
Building Signature X X
Energy Reductions X X
Benchmarking X X
Legionella Report X X
Dashboard (Building Overview) X X
Eco@dds X X
Alarms X X
Manual Input of data X X
Weekly report - X
Annual Reports - X
Gapfilling Module - X
Customized Data Export - X
Data Follow-Up and Management Module - X
Configuration: Buildings, Users, Measurements, Customers, Closed User Groups, Projects, Degree Days, others…) - X

If you would like to inquire about particular functionalities *read more

If you would like to suggest a new one, please feel free to contact us.